Homeowners Insurance - Madison, WI

Whether you own one of the region's original homes or you are moving into something new, you need homeowners insurance to protect what will probably be the biggest investment of your life. Cliff Insurance Agency serves clients in the Middleton, Madison, Verona, Sun Prairie, McFarland, Mt. Horeb, Cross Plains, Monona, Maple Grove, Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Mazomanie, Wisconsin areas, and has the expertise to help you find the exact policy for your home.

Property Coverage

Your property extends beyond just the house itself. You need coverage for your exterior structures and all your contents. Additionally, you need to consider costs associated with renting a living space if your house were to be damaged badly. And what about your special items, such as artwork,collectibles, wine collections or other high-value possessions? Your Cliff Insurance advisor will talk to you about your house and all the things you own in it to make sure it's all covered from catastrophes, including fire, theft, vandalism, and storm damage.

If you have extended family or non-relatives living with you, we will discuss your needs and options regarding them and their personal belongings. We will also want to know if you operate a home business or keep business items or inventory in your house or outbuildings. Those may require separate coverage.

Liability Coverage

While most people think about a bad storm or fire destroying their home when they think of insurance, one of the most destructive occurrences can be a lawsuit alleging your liability for a serious injury or expensive property damage. A homeowners insurance liability policy will help in such a circumstance by protecting your assets. It will pay for your legal defense and monetary settlements and judgments up to the limits of your coverage.

If you have a swimming pool, a trampoline, a certain breed of dog, or even teenagers, you need good liability insurance and may want to look into an umbrella insurance policy that will extend your limits of coverage.

Our Insurer Partners

Cliff Insurance represents a number of high-quality insurance companies, including Progressive Insurance, AAA Insurance, Hastings Mutual Insurance, Wisconsin Mutual Insurance, IMT Insurance, Wilson Mutual Insurance, and Kemper Insurance. They all offer comprehensive solutions for your home and belongings.

Personal Attention

Cliff Insurance is all about personal attention, and we look forward to talking to you about your risks, safety measures, preferences, and appropriate deductibles and premiums. We will also show you alternatives, such as multi-policy discounts and savings from bundled insurance packages that might interest you.

We are your trusted advisor and advocate for your home insurance needs.

For more than five decades, Cliff Insurance Agency has been dedicated to serving Wisconsin residents with the best in insurance products and advice. We'd like an opportunity to show you how we can help serve you. Please give us a call at 1-800-270-5101 to discuss what auto insurance options are available to you. Or, if you prefer email us or complete and return the form above.