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Auto Insurance

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Whether a person already has insurance and is ready to shop for a better deal or they’ve just purchased their first vehicle and need an insurance policy to cover it, they’re going to want to make sure they look into their options for Automobile Insurance before choosing one. It’s important to know what should be covered as well as what they must have to ensure a person finds the right policy for them.

Is Insurance Required for All Vehicle Owners?

In Wisconsin, vehicle owners are required to have liability insurance and recommended to have uninsured motorist insurance, and underinsured motorist insurance. Liability is what covers medical and other expenses for an accident the vehicle owner causes. Uninsured motorist insurance covers accidents the vehicle owner did not cause but that were caused by a motorist who did not have insurance. Underinsured motorist insurance is similar, but covers motorists who had insurance, just not enough to cover expenses from the accident.

Those who have a vehicle loan will likely be required to have further coverage to ensure the full cost of the vehicle is covered during the loan period. After the loan period is over, the motorist can lower their insurance coverage if they want, but this is typically not a good idea. The more coverage they have, the less the car owner has to worry about if there’s an accident.

What are the Possible Types of Insurance?

Motorists can consider a number of different options when they’re looking for the right policy above what’s required by law. The more options they choose, the more expensive the policy will be. However, the more options they choose, the more coverage they’ll have and the less they’ll need to pay out of pocket if anything happens.

  • Comprehensive Insurance– This type of insurance covers things that could happen to a vehicle other than an accident. This includes weather damage, damage from a stray ball or rock thrown by a kid, theft and damage from someone breaking into the vehicle, deer accidents, broken glass and more. This is often required if a person has a loan, but it’s typically a good idea for any vehicle owner to have it if they’d like as much coverage as possible.
  • Collision Insurance– Not all accidents involve another motorist. If the vehicle driver is injured or the vehicle is damaged due to an accident with a stationary object such as a tree or pole, or if the vehicle flips over in an accident that doesn’t involve another vehicle, collision insurance is going to cover the damages. This is also something that might be required if the vehicle has a loan, but is a good idea to get no matter what.
  • Gap Insurance– If a vehicle cannot be repaired after an accident, it will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if the driver has a loan on the vehicle, the amount paid by the insurance company might not cover the full amount due to the loan company. This is because the value of a vehicle depreciates quicker than the person pays it off and the insurance company covers the value of the vehicle. Gap insurance will cover the difference in this situation so the owner doesn’t have to pay the difference on their own.
  • Rental Reimbursement– Most of the time, the motorist will need to rent a vehicle while their vehicle is being repaired. If the repairs are because of an accident covered by a claim with their insurance policy, rental reimbursement can cover the amount they’d need to pay to rent a vehicle while the repairs are being completed.

How to Decide on the Coverage Needed

When a motorist is looking into Auto Insurance Madison Wisconsin, it’s a good idea for them to consider obtaining as much insurance as possible for their budget. Since car accidents can be incredibly expensive to deal with and since there are other types of insurance to cover what could happen to a vehicle, the person could possibly save money by having insurance to cover anything that could happen.

How to Save Money When Purchasing an Insurance Policy

There are actually a number of ways for a person to save money when they need to purchase car insurance. They will want to make sure they ask about any discounts the company offers before they decide on a policy to see if any discounts will be applicable to them. They can also save money by choosing a larger deductible, though it’s a good idea for the person to only choose a deductible amount they’re sure they’ll be able to cover if anything happens. Avoiding any accidents, tickets, or not filing a claim for as long as possible can help them lower the amount they’ll be required to pay with time.

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