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Get the Best Cheap Auto Insurance

At Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc we provide all different types of insurance, but auto insurance is our specialty. Car insurance may seem like a necessity and it is because it protects your assets, both human and otherwise, when driving. Everyone wants cheap auto insurance. Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc considers all of the carriers and coverages available for you on your behalf. This ensures you have the right coverage, priced right.

We do all the considering for you

Everyone needs car insurance. Everyone wants cheap auto insurance. But nobody wants to be left hung out to dry with the wrong coverage and no customer service when they need help. At Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc we compare all of the best coverages available for you, so you don’t have to. That saves you a lot of time and ensures that you aren’t missing any great options. With us you get covered correctly and get a great price. We’re always here and answer the phone during business hours to answer your questions.

What factors affect your insurance premium?

Your driving record plays a big part in what your insurance will cost, but it is not the only factor. Insurers will look at insurance claims data and personal information, among other factors, to assess the risk they are taking by insuring you. In some states, your rates can be affected by your credit score. We can help you with any questions you have about what is considered in Wisconsin.

Your insurance rates may also be impacted by the following considerations:

  • The year, make and model of your car
  • The number of miles you drive your vehicle each year
  • Your ZIP code or the area you live in
  • Your driving record or driving history
  • Your age and marital status

Your Deductible Amount Affects Your Rates

The deductible is the amount you’ll pay out of your own pocket toward the cost of an auto insurance claim. In most situations it is possible to lower your insurance premiums simply by raising your deductible.

When considering the correct deductible amount for your situation, you’ll want to think about your overall financial situation. If your deductible is too high it could cause financial hardship down the road in the instance of a claim. We can help you choose a deductible amount that is right for your situation.

Consider Your Auto Liability Coverage Limits

When your state requires liability insurance coverage, it will have its own minimum coverage requirement, but you have the option to choose more coverage. In general, the higher your coverage limit, the higher your auto insurance rate. If you are trying to get cheap car insurance this is one area where savings can be found. 

Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc can help you decide whether minimizing your liability coverage is a good option for you or not. Assets such as your home, savings or investments should be considered when choosing the best liability amount for you. They could all be at risk if you cause an accident that results in medical or property damage costs that exceed your coverage limit. We can help you choose an amount that covers your combined assets.

Do you need comprehensive and collision auto coverage?

Collision coverage can protect you in the event you are in a single-car accident or you get hit by another car or object. Comprehensive coverage protects you in the event your car is stolen or damaged due to non-collision events like natural disaster, theft or you make contact with a deer or other animal capable of damaging your car. Together, these coverage options are designed to cover repairs or reimburse you for the value of your vehicle if one of these incidents occurs.

If you have an older vehicle that’s paid off and does not have a lot of value, you might be able to get less expensive coverage for comprehensive and collision, or you may be able to opt out of comprehensive and collision coverage altogether. Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc can help you decide what’s best for you based on your specific situation.

We will look at the advertised value of your car, weigh this against the comprehensive and collision deductibles, and the annual cost of the coverages in your quote. We do this for multiple carriers and find the best options and pricing for your situation.

Car Insurance Discounts

There are many ways to receive discounts on your insurance coverage. Many of them are based on what is true about your life. We get to know you when looking for auto insurance options for you to ensure we find you options that offer the most discounts for your situation. Here are some of the discounts that many carriers offer:

  • Veterans
  • Good drivers
  • Active or retired federal employees
  • Full-time students with good standing
  • Drivers who have taken defensive driving
  • Drivers who have bundled homeowners or renters insurance with their auto insurance carrier
  • Drivers who have air bags or other safety features on their vehicles
  • Drivers with more than one auto insured with the same insurance company
  • Drivers who pay for their insurance with auto draft payments
  • Drivers who pay for their insurance annually

We Consider Third-Party Ratings

At Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc we know you want to save money, but we don’t just match you up with the cheapest car insurance carriers. We have long-standing relationships and do ongoing research on the companies we partner with. An affordable premium is certainly important when choosing an insurance provider, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration. We only work with carriers that allow us to provide quick and efficient service for our customers so life is a lot easier if you ever need to make a claim. Among so many other things, we look at third-party ratings for the carriers we partner with.