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Commercial Umbrella Insurance


You’ve been a responsible business owner and gotten good liability insurance, right? You’re covered for your business auto liabilities, general liabilities, personal injury liability—pretty much every liability risk you and your advisor could think of. So what’s there to worry about?

One look at the recent headlines could be enough to answer that question. Liability judgments against businesses have skyrocketed and are occurring more frequently. If your business were hit by a big claim or a single occurrence that injured multiple people, would you have enough in liability limits to cover your legal bills and any settlements or judgments for which you were held responsible?

At Cliff Insurance Agency, we have many years of experience evaluating liability limits. We can look at your underlying liability policies and help you determine if the payout maximums in your policies are consistent with the risks you face.

Why Bother With Umbrella Insurance?

In some cases, insurers offer a set standard limit for your company’s type of business, but your particular risks may exceed that limit. When that occurs, you can enhance your maximum liability payout by purchasing commercial umbrella insurance. It can pay when your primary policies’ limits are exhausted.

Often, a business owners policy (BOP) is a good option for a company—providing affordable, essential protection. Certain businesses, however, might want broader liability coverage than is available under the BOP. In that case, a business umbrella insurance policy is typically the solution.

When you want more liability coverage, consider opening an umbrella policy.

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Cliff Insurance Agency, Inc offers free, comparative quotes on Commercial Umbrella Insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

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